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Tenders invited to cut 233 trees to widen road in Pali’s Sumerpur

There is bad news for the state that is in the grip of scorching heat. In order to widen a 2-km patch of road in Pali’s Sumerpur, preparations are underway to fell 233 fully grown trees.

According to the information, a 2-km patch from Rajguru Circle to Krishi Mandi between Sumerpur and Jawai Dam is being converted into ‘Kissan Path’. It is currently a two-lane road, which will be widened and beautified by the Krishi Mandi administration.


For the purpose, PWD has invited tenders for felling 233 trees along this road, which are fully grown and have been covering the road, at a reserve price of Rs 4.50 lakh.

According to superintending engineer (PWD, Bali division) B L Meghwal, the work of the road was being undertaken by the Mandi Board at a cost of Rs. 2.5 crore. But since the road was under the possession of PWD, the tender notification for tree removal has been undertaken by PWD to facilitate this project.

There are 195 neem trees, 6 peepal trees and 9 ashok trees besides 23 other high value herbal trees like babool, karanji, sares, neelgiri, amla, gulmohar, sesam, etc., which will have to be removed from root within a month’s time after issuing the tender and the road will have to be levelled after the removal of trees.

A local resident and advocate at the Rajasthan High Court, Rajesh Parihar said that this patch of road is being widened and beautified despite their being no need for it, as this is neither a state highway nor a national highway. “Had there been any such pressing need, felling of trees could have been comprehensible. But just on the whim of Mandi Board to make ‘Kissan Path’, these 70-80 years old trees will be axed, which is absolutely unjustified,” said Parihar.

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